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              A small scale farm providing the island of Oʻahu with quality produce on a consistent basis. 


Aloha! I'm farmer Gavin and I am the founder of GAVA GROW LLC. My humble beginnings started while volunteering at Otsuji Farm in Hawaiʻi Kai one summer while completing my business degree at UH Mānoa. After volunteering and working for the Otsuji's for four years, I enrolled and graduated in GoFarm Hawaiʻi's farmer training program. Spending two years in GoFarm's Incubator program. Our mission is to care for the land by using regenerative practices providing consistent quality, and to educate future generations on the benefits of small scale farming. Thank you to Ed and Richard Otsuji and GoFarm Hawaiʻi for the opportunity!

CSA Testimonials 

“Great job Gavin, this was fun and got me cooking and sharing ideas with my parent’s and friends on what to cook with some of the amazing unknown vegetable surprises.”

"I liked the variety in the bags each delivery, as well as the high quality of the veggies each time. They last a long time and each item holds so much flavor!"

“The produce was excellent something different each week gave me a wide variety. During the week, we could create different healthy meals.”

Contact Us:
Instagram: @gavagrow

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